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Asirvia Go Broadcaster Is it a Scam!? NEW (2017)

Introducing The Asirvia Go a revolutionary piece of technology that will transform and disrupt the marketing industry. And will go down in Network Marketing HISTORY!! As one of the GREATEST PRODUCTS EVER!!!

Asirvia Go Broadcaster Is it a Scam!? NEW (2017)


Grab Your Asirvia GO A.S.A.P!! And stay ahead of the COMPETITION!!

So heres what you do go Here Go to the Services tab and select affiliate. Fill out that info. Then it will take you to the shopping cart. Your CC will be saved there. Input your CVV and it will go through. Make sure you pick none when you order (Not the 99$ life pack!) then pick how many devices you want and bamm! you spot is locked! Its 25$ a month for one device with endless POWER Most will go crazy when they hear about this and it’s a no brainer why they will 😎 Message me if anyone has any questions and if you can’t get in just try later it’s because so many people are joining at this point. 🙂

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