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Converting System For Websites (Learn The Right Way To Make Money On Your Websites)

If you join our special lifetime pilot program now before we open to the public you will be automatically transitioned and grandfathered into Convert??? with lifetime access saving you thousands of dollars.

Here’s just SOME of what’s coming in this new evolution..

Remember.. This special pilot program lifetime offer will be closed soon. All pilot members who join now before we open to the public will be automatically grandfathered into the new platform with lifetime access when it is released!

Once we open to the public the price for Convert??? will be a significantly higher monthly/annual fee.

*Important announcement*

We are excited to announce that our team is currently working flat out on a HUGE new platform update which will be the next evolution to Convert??? and encompass many powerful new features.

While the ???? are still going to be a big part of our platform, they will no longer be the only focus of the platform. So with this update we will also be transitioning to a new name for our platform..  Convert???

Add Convert??? to your site and automatically…  Get engagement and conversion on your sites…..

Easily build lists of subscribers with integrated lead generation features to effectively close……

sales for any product or service…..

Engage visitors with precisely targeted messages based on

With Convert???’s easy to use advanced “??? rules” you can select exactly when you want a ??? to show on your page and how often. 

Micro engagement surveys!


Show a micro survey before your opt-in form to increase conversions and segregate leads onto different lists so you can follow up with them based on their specific interests or goals.



Boost conversions and minimize intrusions to other visitors with are 2-step process which only reveals your call to action when a visitor shows interest in your offer.

2-step call to action

Intelligent bar trigger rules

Scarcity countdown timers

Create urgency for your offers with built in countdown timers. Set the timer to run on autopilot, starting when the visitor first hits the page, or end on a specific time and date.

Call-to-action videos & images

Grab attention the moment a visitor clicks your offer with a personal video or an image of your product directly inside your ConvertBar!

With ConvertBar’s easy to use advanced bar rules you can select exactly when you want a bar to show on your page and how often.

Converting System For Websites (Learn The Right Way To Make Money On Your Websites)

Look what our pilot members are saying..

Convert??? is perfect for..

Create, customize & publish in minutes!In-app notifications

Affiliate promotions                         Building lists

                              Promoting webinar

                      Special discounts

    Selling products

                    Limited time offers

                                   Product upgrades

And much more!

Personalized offers based on visitor behavior…

Facebook special offer

Show: 24 hour discount offer

Returning visitor

Then ……Show targeted, personalized offers based on your visitors behavior both on and off your website with Convert???’s simple yet powerful visitor targeting rules.

Set a sequence of follow up offers for every visitor

Show indefinitely

Automatically show a sequence of personalized offers for each visitor as they return to your site over a specific period of time.

Show for 1 view

Show for 2 days

Easily set what type of timer you want, when it should end for each visitor, and what action to take when it expires.

Convert visitors with powerful countdown timers

Track everything from one simple dashboard and never wonder what is going on again!! Introducing! ConvertBar!!

Easily create targeted sequences to get more sales from your existing visitors

& Intelligently boost leads & sales today!


Use our free

WordPress Plugin

Simple 5 minute setup for any website!


Add one line of
code to your site

Full SaaS platform. No developer required

Seamlessly integrates with all your email marketing tools

Designed for the highest conversions on all devices!

ConvertBar has been designed to look great and get the highest conversions across all devices.

Coming soon!

More advanced rules

A/B split testing

More bar types

Keep your bars organized with drag and drop positioning.

Exit trigger

Display a ConvertBar at the header or footer of your page.

On site targeting

Clear real time analytics of all your sites and ConvertBars.

Multiple integrations

Trigger your offer the moment

a visitor tries to leave.

Realtime analytics

Even more conversion boosting features…

Target visitors who have seen a specific page on your site.

Target visitors who scroll to a

specific part of your page.

Add multiple autoresponder

accounts from the same provider.

Drag & drop organizer

Time on page trigger

Scheduled bar timing

Scrolling triggers

Bar positioning

Target visitors who spend more
than a set time on your page.

Set exactly how long your bar

will show to each visitor.

No branding on your bars

We pride ourselves in having exceptional customer support. Your happiness is our top priority and our dedicated support team will always make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products and services!

Fully hosted software platform

Ongoing 1st class customer support

ConvertBar’s platform is built on solid enterprise-grade servers which means it’s fast, reliable and there’s no complicated setup process so you can get started in minutes.

Unlike other services we do not force you to have our brand on your bar anywhere. All your bar’s are completely unbranded so your visitors only have one place to click.. Your call to action!

Purchase ConvertBar today and relax knowing you are covered by our 30 days no hassle money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with ConvertBar, simply contact our friendly support staff and we will promptly give you a full refund.

Try ConvertBar Today Absolutely 100% Risk Free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Safe & secure – 30 day money back guarantee!

Limited Pilot Program Offer!

Unlimited personal websites

Get your Lifetime Licence to ConvertBar now before they are gone!

Normally $295 per year

Unlimited ConvertBar’s

Get Immediate Access To…

Fully hosted service

Only $195

The full ConvertBar platform

Unlimited visitors

No branding

No ongoing monthly or yearly fees!


We will be closing this special offer soon as we prepare to open to the public so make sure you act now and secure your lifetime account!

Yes. This is a special offer ONLY for our pilot program it is a one-time fee, you will not be charged again, there are no recurring payments ever.

Can I use ConvertBar on my site without any coding skills?

Is ConvertBar really only a one-time fee for unlimited access?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we sure do. ConvertBar comes with a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee!

Yes. We will continue to add more integrations to our platform as we move forward. Please get in touch and let us know what integrations you need.

Do you provide support if I have another question?

Will you be adding more integrations to ConvertBar soon?

Yes. ConvertBar is a simple plug-and-play solution that anyone can install in minutes but if you do require assistance our friendly support is here to help!

Converting System For Websites (Learn The Right Way To Make Money On Your Websites)

There are no limitations, you can use ConvertBar on an unlimited number of your own personal websites.

Do you offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee?

How many personal websites can I use ConvertBar on?

Yes absolutely. You can contact our friendly support team at any time by submitting a ticket here.

Her’s there main site if you would like more information. Click Here!
Well thank you for coming by good luck with your adventures and if you have any questions just drop them in the comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Live Long And Prosper!! 🙂
Jedediah D.Bennett
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