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Is wealthy affiliate a scam- What is Wealthy Affiliate? New! (2017)

The Best Value On The Internet For Affiliate Marketing!
We Help Others Start Online Businesses.

Star Rating: (10/10)
Price for Startup Members: Free
Price for Premium Members: $49/month or $359/annually
Owners: Kyle and Carson

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is home to a community of like-minded everyday people just like you and i who desire to learn and apply the ethical principles of affiliate marketing and leverage that knowledge into a viable home-based business that consistently generates income. Just as that statement implies, the priority at Wealthy Affiliate is education followed by application/implementation.
It is easy to conclude that the emphasis is on education instead of money making. That in itself is one of the most attractive qualities of Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, there seems to almost be an air of discouragement from making an immediate goal of drawing income.
Of course, the goal is to make money.
But the emphasis is on knowing what you are doing: to make money ethically and consistently.
Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, you learn everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing, networking with the people you will be working with and selling to, leveraging websites to educate the reader about your product, making your product interesting, presentable and desirable, then actively promoting your product while your efforts begin to bear fruit.


There are pros and cons to everything, I suppose. As for Wealthy Affiliate, there are a boat-load of pros that come to mind:

      • 24/7 access to the best internet training available
      • Classroom training, including exercises to do and blogging to write about what you learn.
      • Countless training videos and tutorials plus the opportunity to create and provide your own training videos.
      • Affiliate training, including an Affiliate Boot Camp


    • Access to the entire user-base of Wealthy Affiliate for help, encouragement and support. This includes access to the owners, Kyle and Carson and one-on-one training.
    • Access to Keyword Research tools, including training on their use.
    • Access to quick and easy website building and maintenance using Site Rubix. The servers are state-of-the-art and fast.
    • Access to the best blogging software available, WordPress®, over 2,400 WordPress® themes, countless plug-ins including a SEO
    • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate program. It is even possible to earn while you learn.
    • Emphasis on learning to identify and avoid scams.


No CONS come to mind. My one complaint is more of a personal peeve, so for that reason I won’t even mention it!


Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent program for all levels from beginner to advanced. The educational benefits alone are worth the time and small amount of money invested. The program benefits a wide range of people:

    • Those currently employed but seeking a way to earn additional income and/or a career that they can replace their current career with.
    • The unemployed seeking a new way to make a living.
    • Stay-at-home moms and dads who would like to make some extra cash or to contribute to the family income.
    • The retired seeking something to keep them busy while supplementing their retirement income.
    • College students seeking a way to earn money while they pursue their education.
    • Anyone wanting to start and run their own business at home.



In my opinion, the training and tools provided with Wealthy Affiliate are second to none. In fact, I consider it to be one of the strong drawing points of the program due to the fact that the earning of money takes second seat to the member’s education.

      • Classroom training, including exercises to do and blogging to write about what you learn.


    • Countless training videos and the opportunity to provide your own training videos.
    • Affiliate training, including an Affiliate Boot Camp
    • Access to the entire user-base of Wealthy Affiliate for help, encouragement and support. This includes access to the owners, Kyle and Carson and one-on-one training.


Wealthy Affiliate offers premium quality support 365/24/7. The simple thing is: all you have to do is ask. You can ask the countless users that are currently online via Live Chat – someone will be there that can answer your question. You can post your question to the general public and get the same quality response, often accompanied with a link to a blog or article that specifically answers your question or addresses your issue.
Plus, you can always ask Kyle. Kyle is one of the owners and he is very approachable and always willing to help you out. This one-on-one personal attention is one of the big draws to Wealthy Affiliate.

You won’t feel lost for once with the amazing help and knowledge that is available once you become part of this great community. I was so excited when I joined because everyday was a blast of intriguing people just there and ready to help you exceed.



In Wealthy Affiliate there are only two price points. A Starter Membership costs nothing. You can keep that for life if you want! Or you can spend seven (7) days to see what Premium membership is like.
The Premium membership costs $49 per month or $359 if paid annually which is a savings of over $220! Sometimes there are incentives to go ahead with Premium Membership. For example, after joining Wealthy Affiliate with a FREE starter account, if you upgrade to Premium within the first seven days you can receive the first month of Premium for $19. Plus you’ll get additional bonuses which I will get for you after you create your Premium account!
For Starter members or Premium members, the only outside cost is the cost of creating your own website when you buy a domain which is $13-$15, a bargain in the internet world.


In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the by far the best affiliate marketing product there is. The fact that you are not continually squeezed to spend money other than your membership fee coupled with their emphasis on you becoming thoroughly educated in affiliated marketing and the myriad of effective marketing techniques and know-how before focusing on making money is enough to convince all but the nay-sayers that this is one of the finest programs available, if not THE best.
Yes, it is free to join up, but the overwhelming best-of membership benefits in Wealthy Affiliate are in the Premium Membership. With all the scams out there that offer products too good to be true for free, the first thought is “here we go again.” Perhaps the emphasis should be that the potential member can take advantage of the limited free Starter Membership to get familiar with what is available from Wealthy Affiliate and Premium Membership.
HOT OFF THE PRESS! As of January 3, 2017, free SSL is available to Premium members!!! Sorry, it’s for Premium members only, but it’s as simple as flipping a toggle switch!!! SSL = Secure = Trust = Good Business!
If you are looking for a program that will help you reap the benefits of a home-based internet business, then this is the one. In no time at all I have:

    • Been introduced to the marketing concept behind Wealthy Affiliate
    • Found and honed down a niche market
    • Acquired the knowledge to use Keyword Tools such as and WA’s own Keyword Tool
    • Designed and constructed an attractive website that I have built out on using my knowledge of my niche market
    • Optimized my website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Indexed my website for Google® and Bing® using Google+
    • Drawn internet traffic to my website
    • Building out creative and informative websites is a snap with the website tools and WordPress® software that come with membership. And the support is way above the norm The value of the support alone is invaluable.

The final verdict: Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate and scam-free! The best value on the internet for Affiliate Marketing.

The bottom line is this: Wealthy Affiliate offers the best value! I’m inviting you to sign up for the Starter membership, take a look around, verify to yourself that everything I’ve told you about Wealthy Affiliate is true. Upgrade to Premium when you’re ready! Sign up here for your free membership. No credit card required. And guess what? I’ve got a special bonus for you! Details when you create an account!
Or get even more value and jump in at the Premium level. with up to 50 websites, unlimited email, free SSL, unlimited training, access to the WA membership and full access to the owners, Kyle and Carson. Come hang with us. We can help you get started. And yes, there’s an added bonus if you sign up for Premium membership within the first seven days! Create an account and I’ll fix you up!

Is wealthy affiliate a scam- What is Wealthy Affiliate? New! (2017)

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