Cool Gadgets to – Asirvia Go! Novice Training Part 7 (Know Like & Trust)

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Cool Gadgets to – Asirvia Go! Novice Training Part 7 (Know Like & Trust)

Okay so now we get in to the novice training a little bit.

If you don’t know this stuff and it seems to be what your having a hard time with then stay tuned as i’m going to unfold some more of the good stuff that most will never teach you with out a price }:)

Don’t feed into the guru crap.. and spend a ton of money on things you can get for no charge.

People are buying everything out there and still wondering why they have not had big success. You can find endless things online for free and do amazing things for way cheep also.

The truth is if you stay focused on your dreams, and don’t let anyone take your eye’s off the path to your dreams, they will come true!

And when you get up every day (with a plan) that you have set the week before, no one or anything will stand in your way!

(As long) as you help people get what they need before you get what you need then you will be just fine.  Hence the title (know Like & Trust) Thanks for learning see you on the inside HAHAHA!! Jk…

No but really see you inside this next video 🙂

Cool Gadgets to – Asirvia Go! Novice Training Part 7 (Know Like & Trust)

Thanks again for coming by and maybe after this you might have a better idea of how people can be and how you really only have little time to make sure things don’t go the wrong way fast. }:)

Stay tuned for the next simple training about personalty colors and how to spot them fast so you don’t get in to a spamming break down and lose people fast also!!

oo and please leave a comment, on maybe how you are ready for people your about to meet for the first time? Or have you ever had a situation where you wished you were more ready for that person you just met?

Remember it’s better to know then not!!



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