Cool Gadgets to – Asirvia Go! Simple Training Pt 4,5,& 6 By Jedediah Bennett

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Cool Gadgets to – Asirvia Go! Simple Training Pt 4,5,& 6 By Jedediah Bennett

Okay Jedediah here again πŸ™‚ this time were going by the malls Doing a Yard Sale & talking to people!

Awesome way to get some one in fast they are in a good mood and ether just bought something or will soon.

I love it so easy and fun too! I love My LiFE!! Simple Simple πŸ™‚ all show you what to say and what to look for later and soon just go for it! You never know who you might run in to!!

Thanks again for coming by for your simple training that anyone can do, as you can see even i’m still new at all this, as you know i’m more used to marketing my life passion, and if you guys know me you know it’s critters and kids come see here!Β Β Β This is where it all started on youtube and my Jedediah LifeΒ –Jedediahpets Websites.

As you can see the things i’m doing are very simple and almost anyone can do, i have been doing these little steps every day just like i show you in the videos.

Some of if seems like a bit of work but from the last line of work in my days this is easy peezee.

And iv’e done construction, direct sales, and marketing if i had this thing back then my life would of gone a lot smoother getting people in to what i had to offer.


In my eye’s this product is a connection to what everyone needs and as time goes by more and more will want this in there pocket.



P.S ..Stay tuned for the next training that will go in to a (Novice Level) with me teaching you how and when to personally put people in to your business using this device. Remember when i said i was in direct sales?! Well i have some really awesome novice and advanced Training on how to get the most people in your business A.S.A.P!

AFTER YOU LEARN HOW PEOPLE THINK AND WHAT TYPE OF PERSON THERE ARE (IN THE FIRST 30 SECs) Then you can properly treat them the best they like to be treated. You really want like 5 mins with some one but you first only have like (30 sec)Right?

So do your best to learn that person fast so you can be blessed with more time with them, Then after they like you know you and trust you, then now maybe they will let you have an hour. πŸ™‚ Thx for reading if you got this fair then you are now part of my amazing training and entrepreneur friendship & must come back for more info nuggets to come Β πŸ™‚

Remember some times what you know is because of who you know…. πŸ™‚

Cool Gadgets to – Asirvia Go! Simple Training Pt 4,5,& 6 By Jedediah Bennett

STAY TUNED!! }:) Thanks again!!!

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