Network Marketing – Networking can be intimidating.. New (2017)

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Network Marketing – Networking can be intimidating.. New (2017)

Networking can be intimidating. But it’s an important task for those who want to set up future jobs, business deals, and partnerships. More often than not, it’s not about what you know, but who you know, And in the long run what you know is because of who you meet in your network.


Sure, I had a great mentor who helped me to launch my Web design company, Wealth Affiliate, but throughout my career, I saw it was a struggle for any young professional to make the connections they need to succeed. Plenty of people want to move up in their industry or profession, but don’t know how to approach top executives or other industry leaders.

The fact is, networking can be overwhelming and downright intimidating. But throughout our lives, we’ll end up in these situations in which we have the opportunity to build successful professional relationships.

For those aspiring to move up, what’s the best way to network while building credibility? To find out,  Here are some Amazing tips:

Have a goal. Before going to a networking event or reaching out to a networking contact, it’s important to ask yourself what you want to get out of the interaction. Ask yourself: Do I want to get introduced to a certain person? Do I want advice on reaching a specific business, professional, or personal goal? Or, do I want to offer my skills to a particular professional or company? Approaching a professional with a clear goal in mind will help you to communicate clearly about what it is you need.

Focus on high impact conversations. Develop a 60-second elevator pitch to quickly communicate who you are and what it is you’re looking for. Keep it simple and short, and always ask questions–ask the contact if they have time to chat more over coffee in the future, or if you can elicit some advice. Remember, networking is a two-way, mutually beneficial relationship. If you’re at a networking event, don’t get stuck talking to one person for too long–keep focused on memorable conversations with as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. To gracefully move on to the next conversation ask for their contact information.

Stick to a schedule. Networking is most effective when it’s done for long periods of time–not just once or twice. The best networkers create a schedule and stick to it. Create blocks of time you’ll devote to networking. For instance, commit to three networking events per month, or make it a goal to reach out to one professional a day via LinkedIn or email.

Show enthusiasm. It goes without saying that the best networking professionals are happy in what they do. Show you’re passionate about your industry, and people will notice–they’ll want to engage with you and hear your ideas. Ultimately, this will help you to move forward in your networking goals.

Stick to your word. If you tell a professional you’re going to do something for them, do it–and as quickly as possible! Remember, professionals in any industry are busy people. Show your credibility by following up on your word.

Swap out business cards for email. Instead of collecting business cards, send the professional an email immediately after the networking event. That way, you won’t be just another name on a list–they will have your contact information right when they need it.

Keep a list. Networking means talking to tons of different professionals in a short span of time. Often, this leads to information overload. Organize a list of professionals as you meet them, and include tags or labels that will help you to remember their contact information, the company or industry they represent, their expertise, and notes about your conversation.

Be brave. Being a great networker means not having fear when it comes to approaching others who have achieved great things. When you’re engaging with others, people will recognize that you’re not fearful, and they’ll embrace it. In short: Don’t think you can’t change the world. You just have to get out there and do it.

Networking doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. In the end, successful networking can be chalked up to a time commitment and focused energy.

Network Marketing – Networking can be intimidating.. New (2017)

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