Prospecting Tips By Jedediah (Know Like & Trust) Part 2

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Prospecting Tips By Jedediah (Know Like & Trust) Part 2

Once You Have The Know Like & Trust From Someone The Next Thing To Do Is Be Friends 🙂 Build a relation with them see what makes them tick, find out what they like and don’t like, just be there friend and you will be amazed about how much you will learn about them.

Thanks for coming by and all see in this next video 🙂

Thanks for coming by and i hope you enjoyed another small but powerful training that i think everyone should know that is in network marketing or any type of people business.

People follow people and people they want to know they are dealing with someone real and not another scam or fake.

And when you do it right people will see you as a real person and somebody they would love to work with. 🙂

Stay tuned for my next mind blowing training that  you will just simply have to see, and don’t miss out on this never ending info land that i have in store for all to enjoy and prosper 🙂

Prospecting Tips By Jedediah (Know Like & Trust) Part 2

Please leave a comment about how you feel when someone slaps you with there biz?op right when you meet then :/

Thanks again!! See you on the other side of the bottom.. 🙂


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