The Story & Life Of Jedediah “Offline To Online” (From The Bottom To The Top)

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The Story & Life Of Jedediah “offline to online” (From The Bottom To The Top)

First I want to take you to my past when things were not very good at all  🙁

I was living check to check always borrowing money and looking for a better job, it was a every week thing and i was so tired of not having the things that my family and i needed.

It all started  back in 2008 when i was working in the construction field, and i was actually making a little better money for once “then” the economy out of know where just went to crap all over the country almost over night…

People were out of jobs left and right most were moving to a state that was still doing good…

That’s when a ton of people started moving to Utah because it was still doing okay, by the time a few years had passed the company i was working for had to drop my pay three times 🙁

By 2010 they came to me one morning and said they was going to have to let me go 🙁

Wait it get’s much much worse! Then i had to try to find a new J.O.B doing the same thing for way way less..

It was not worth it so i ended up working for temp services yep i said it temp work and well this was not good at all i was now down to making only 9$ dollars an hour from the $18.50 that i worked so hard for that i made back in 2008. . . . .

So that’s when a voice in my head said “Jedediah” you need to do something and you need to do something fast  and to put it short “save my family”!!

And i so i did what millions of people were doing and that was to go online to “try” to make money from home…

Well we can all guess how that went and to make a long story short after i was in many different network market company’s all i was doing was learning what not to do by doing all the wrong things…

I finally landed in to a company that the only thing they did was mentor you,  so i went crazy in that for a few years fell in love with people and learned the in’s and out’s to the industry.

Now i have had a better time this time around, and been able to join some very lucrative company’s that i have found to be much more doable for anyone that i find teachable and is interested in what i’m doing.

Here’s a list of my latest defining Moments that i have been blessed to find in my venture to find the latest and greatest!!

#1 . 

My first big break through i would call it is when i found WA Wealthy affiliates is and has been by far one of the best things to happen to me in my venture to find greatness.

The amazing amount of connections that you can only dream about!!

I have the ability to broadcast on all my sites what ever i want and bring tons of traffic to where i want and do it with what ever niche i want also.

If you need an amazing platform with “Full training” Building websites then you owe it to your self to take a serious look at Wealthy Affiliates One of a kind system that has over 1 million people using and when you do take a look you will understand why…


My second big break through and just as amazing in is own awesome way is The Twitter lead machine!!

This system has by far been the most powerful thing to help me get leads thus so far!! Even more then Facebook Instagram & Google Plus  combine..

I never thought things could get so awesome tell i turned on the machine!!

The amount of targeted followers i get over night is just astounding and humbling thing to see every day on both my twitter accounts…

Come take a look and see for your entrepreneur self here’s my @Dragons1111 & My @BennettJedediah Follow both and all follow back with some awesome exposer. Likes Retweets and much much more…


My third break through and a very powerful one at that would be my new way of mentoring and learning with Branding University!!

Just simply the best mentoring and training on the plant and has sky rocketed my ventures to a new level. With life time upgrades Funnel pages Freevlogs and Much Much More!!

Drop in and grab your Dynamic freevlog right now!!


My fourth break through!! And i call it my technology break through dream come true!!

The Asirvia Go!! These little devices are so powerful it will simply blow your mind what can and is being done with them…

I have never in my ten years been so lucky and blown away myself by something so lucrative and doable for anyone any age!!

I call it a retirement plan for anyone any age.. Because it works when your asleep and when you don’t feel like prospecting that day or ever…

A never ending source of leads that come in without having to do a ton of advertising to get them same results…

Another thing i like to say is that “this is for anyone with a business, life or a brain” because it’s simply a No-Brainer!!

And if you work “Hard”  like me & have a business then i can only imagine what the out come will be, i have been blessed doing this since May 2017…

And already have more people in my team then i have ever had in any other business combine…

To give you an idea i’m on my way to 200 members and my goal is 1000!!

So not to bad for my five year plan if you ask me!!

I’m so very excited about all this that’s been happening to me i just had to do a post about it and let the world know why i’m so happy, and in turn i also get be able to let you know the adventure in the mean time. 🙂

Now that i can see things changing with my relationships and the findings of new business adventures i have been able to see the light of how and why it is so important to make friends and relationships.

And with folks that are interested in what i am doing, because we are in a relationship business and as everyone knows i am on a mission to make friends with my true friends. 🙂

Well if you have read this far then you just might be one of my new friends that can go to the top with me 🙂 Please fell free to connect with me on another level the statistic’s say 97% of you will not but that does not mean that has to be YoU!

Thank you so very much for coming by, and  to read what i had to say i know in my heart that it will help some people out there that just need a little bust in the day in this tough busy lifestyle we live in today  🙂

The Story & Life Of Jedediah “offline to online” (From The Bottom To The Top)

Jedediah D. Bennett 

Come prosper with me and like my facebook page! You never know what you can learn from Jedediah The Adventure Guy!! 🙂

Incase you missed it here’s my Twitters 1 & 2 and my Instagram 🙂

Follow me every where and trust me when i say i will give you some massive exposer!! That what i do for a living 🙂

Thanks again!! See you on the other side!! 🙂

Remember sometimes what you know is because of who you know…

Live Long And Prosper!! 🙂

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